I hope our website will help you to look into our life together as the Christian community called Calvary Episcopal Church.  I also hope you’ll call upon me personally with any questions you may have about us and our ministry or about our Lord and His Church.  In the meantime, our mission statement covers the basics of who we strive to be and what we strive to do:

Mission Statement
We strive together to put Christ’s love
into action through inclusive, engaged
and collaborative worship study and service.

Please consider accepting my invitation to be our guest and to personally be my guest for a cup of coffee or tea and for anything from conversation with laughs to consolation with tears.  Someone once said that a true friend is someone with whom we’ve laughed, cried and cussed.!  If there is any need with which I can be of service,  please don’t hesitate to call on me as a good neighbor, a friend, or as a priest.  Please don’t hesitate to call upon any of our leaders if there is an area of ministry that you like to know more about.

God’s Peace,
Fr. Jeff+