The St. Mary’s Altar Guild consists of twelve members: Jerry Crisp, Abbie Dillard, Allyson Drinnon, Gatewood Dudley, Tami Duke, Beth Fowler, Raye Holt, Anne Isbell, Cheryle McCrary, Elise Miller, Lydia Rogers, and Elayne Whitten. Our primary role is serving at the discretion of the priest in order to facilitate worship services. Working in pairs, each team is responsible for a week’s worth of services and duties associated with all services, including polishing silver and brass, filling candles, washing and ironing linens, and changing antependia. Additionally, all members are encouraged to attend the monthly workday on the second Saturday of the month. In addition to regular services, the Altar Guild prepares the altar for weddings, baptisms, and funerals. The Altar Guild has an operating budget for replacing necessities such as candles, linens and communion wafers. Thanks to the continued donation of Eucharistic wine from an anonymous donor, Calvary is spared that expense, and other costs for silver, candles, and linens have been defrayed by memorial donations.