The Flower Guild at Calvary prepares flowers for the altar for Sundays and other special occasions such as Christmas and Easter, and any commemorative services that are held such as baptisms.  The current members are Leila Case, Millie Cohen, Jerry Crisp, Abbie Dillard, Hayden Hooks, Georgia Ledbetter, Elise Miller, Kay Pace, Lucy Parsons, Daiquiri Tyson, Joni Woolf, Carey Wooten and Terry Holland coming on as a new member and Cindy Dudley filling in when  we need her.  We are always encouraging men and women who may be interested in this ministry to join the guild.  Like the Altar Guild, the Flower Guild works behind the scenes to help prepare for worship which is the central act of our common life.

Calvary Episcopal Church, Americus, GA