Calvary Episcopal Church was formed in 1864 and the existing structure was built in 1868. From that time until the remodeling in 2000 the church sanctuary was inaccessible to persons in wheelchairs or with mobility issues except via a ramp on the south side of the church in the garden area. While this did allow one to enter the sanctuary and nave, there was no good access to this ramp from the parking lot, and virtually all the remaining areas of the church were inaccessible.

One of the goals for the remodeling was to open the church to those with mobility issues. What were formerly steps leading from the sanctuary to a hallway was ramped. From this hallway there is now access to the parish hall, kitchen, clergy and administrative offices, and the accessible restrooms. Also In this hallway is a door that leads directly to the altar and choir area, thus allowing persons with wheelchairs or other mobility aids to have direct access to the altar making it possible to commune alongside other parishioners.

Calvary also has five designated handicapped parking spaces. Two of those spaces allow for access from vans and three spaces allow exit from the vehicle on the driver’s side.

In keeping with our Mission Statement;
We strive to put Christ’s love into action through inclusive and engaged worship, study and service, Calvary not only recognizes but includes and welcomes those who are disabled.

The Sunday School Building is level from the street.

For questions please call the church office at 229-924-3908