The Calvary Men’s Club conducts meeting on the third Monday of each month at 6:00PM . Additionally, in July, the Men’s Club held an annual BBQ fundraiser to raise funds for our outreach ministry. The money raised allots funds for many church activities and community outreach program, such as; providing several meals for the church, purchasing t-shirts for the Calvary Vacation Bible School, and helping people in our community. These are just a few examples of the philanthropic endeavors of the Calvary Men’s Club. As well, many men and women volunteer to help the annual Boar’s Head Feast. The funds raised from this event will also be used to support our outreach ministry. Among the goals of the Calvary Men’s Club is the bring men together in fellowship, to strengthen the parish, to create sense of camaraderie, to help with the many functions within our church and to promote a loving atmosphere.