There is always exciting conversation, dialogue, disagreement and mutual support to be found in the Adult Christian Education Class on Sunday mornings at Calvary. Over time, topics covered in the class have ranged from theology to history, from worship to Holy Scripture, from the practical to the transcendent. Currently, the class is studying from a collection of essays in the New Church’s Teaching Series, a series widely used throughout the Episcopal Church. The first in the series was The Episcopal Way, followed by The Episcopal Story: Birth and Rebirth. Early in 2019 the third book’s study began: A Faith for the Future. For a number of years, the class was led by various class members. Fortunately, last fall, Raye Holt, a retired educator and active member of Calvary, agreed to lead the class, and that has been a gift to the class of seekers. The class is open to all ages, men and women, believers and doubters. It is a place where no opinion is scorned and all are heard. Much like the Episcopal Church!

The Adult Discussion Group will resume September 12, at 9:00am.    All are welcome!